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SexLikeReal, a leading platform for interactive virtual reality porn, has announced that it has released the first batch of AI-generated scripts on its website. This development takes SexLikeReal one step closer to its goal of providing scripts for every scene available on the platform. 

The AI scripts have been created using ScriptAI, an advanced tool that has been developed by SexLikeReal’s expert team of developers. The tool has been designed to be as accurate and efficient as current technology allows, and the company is encouraging users to try out the impressive scripts that it has produced.

The scripts have been created for popular videos that had not previously had a script created, with some having comments requesting a script. The developer responsible for the scripts has indicated that he is still actively developing enhancements for the positions, actions, and complex interactions that the AI needs to improve on handling. Future releases are expected to contain these improvements.

Creating interactive scripts for VR porn scenes is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process, and it is difficult for companies to keep up with the demand as more VR content is produced. SexLikeReal is currently working on a way to allow script creators early access to upcoming scenes, which will help the company bring same-day access to scripts when new scenes are released.

The AI-generated scripts are available to view on SexLikeReal’s website, and the company is encouraging users to provide feedback and make requests for other scenes that they would like to see with AI-generated scripts. The company’s forum is a popular hub for discussion, and users are invited to join the conversation there.

SexLikeReal’s use of AI-generated scripts is a significant development in the world of interactive VR porn, and it is likely that other companies in the industry will follow suit in the coming months and years.

What are SexLikeReal interactives?

In the context of virtual reality porn, “interactives” sometimes refer to interactive scripts that allow users to participate in a scene by controlling the actions of the performers in real-time. At SexLikeReal ‘interactives’ are videos that offer connection to smart sex toys. By adding AI generated scripts to videos, the amount of videos that are compatible with smart sextoys grows rapidly.

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