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Pornpioneers.com is your best bet to stay up to date about innovations in the adult industry. We provide insights and information about VR Porn, high-tech sex toys, and Adult video games. 

Our goal is to deliver quality content to help you decide on your next adult subscription or purchase. We aim to keep things classy and informative, you won’t find dirty talk here, we’ll leave that to the websites we link to.

Our goal is to become the best high-tech-porn-source in the world!

No bullshit

The adult industry is one of the biggest markets online. This also means the industry is largely money-driven, therefore a lot of shit is being spread by developers. PornPioneers.com is your guide in high-quality adult sources. We make sure to only write about websites, gear, and other stuff we truly believe are innovative and will get your masturbation or porn game to the next level.

What items do we cover?

Our main focus points are innovations in porn. To keep things easy for you we use 3 main categories;

  • VR Porn
  • Adult Games
  • Sextoys

At the moment we are committed to virtual reality porn. When we cover all the VR Porn sites with extensive reviews it’s time to branch out to the other categories. Want to talk about adult innovations? Make sure to check us out on Reddit or Discord.

VR Porn

The first time you try VR Porn you will be blown away. Watching flat porn (or pancake porn, as we call it) will never be the same again after you’ve experienced the immersion of VR porn. Most people experienced VR porn for the first time with a phone in a cheap holder. We now live in the golden age of VR Porn. 

The technology behind VR has come a long way and truly is perfect for the adult industry. In our VR Porn category, we provide reviews, discount codes for VR porn websites, and other insights. We keep you in the loop about the best new VR porn production companies and technologies to make the VR porn experience even more immersive. 

Adult games

We feature and list the best adult games. These games can be on steam, on VR platforms, or even browser-based. Our adult games section provides you with the best of the best of hentai games, adult roleplaying games, or VR porn games.

Our goal is to update you weekly on the best new releases, golden oldies, and other trends in the adult gaming industry. 

Sex toys

In the near future, we will write about innovative sex toys. This category is not yet ready to be published but we got a lot in store for you!

How is this website free!?

PornPioneers.com is free and will remain free forever. 

This website is being run because we’re passionate about the adult industry and innovations. Although we need to make some money to keep the lights burning and our server up and running. 


You will find some ads on our website, these are curated ads for products we love or services like VR Porn websites. Whenever you click on one of those ads we make some money. 


When we review or feature a product there are links to buy the product. When you use our links you often get a discount and we get a share of your purchase. This way we can make some money by providing you with great tips. 

Looking for a partnership?

Are you a marketeer for any adult service or product? We would love to discuss a partnership with you, and tell you about ways to promote your services on our website. Feel free to contact us via Skype or Email.