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High production value and they offer 699 VR videos in 7K resolution. They also have 179 interactive videos which is huge.
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  • They offer over 13+ languages
  • Over 50 different categories to enjoy
  • 7K UHD resolution
  • 466+ VR-Porn stars
  • 2 new videos every week
  • Hard to find anything bad

The website “WankzVR.com” is an adult entertainment platform that specializes in providing virtual reality (VR) pornographic content. It offers a unique and immersive experience for users who own VR headsets, allowing them to engage with adult content in a more lifelike and interactive manner.

WankzVR.com features a wide selection of explicit VR videos, catering to various sexual preferences and fantasies. The site claims to provide high-quality productions that aim to replicate realistic sexual encounters through cutting-edge VR technology. Users can expect a range of scenarios, including solo performances, couples, threesomes, and more, featuring diverse performers.

The site offers a subscription-based model, allowing users to access its extensive library of VR content with a monthly membership fee. Additionally, they may offer limited-time promotions or special offers to attract new users. The platform ensures the privacy and security of its users, emphasizing discreet billing and maintaining a strict age verification process.

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    WankzVR User-Friendliness and Features

    In the realm of VR porn, the importance of a well-designed website may often be underestimated. However, the ease of navigation can significantly impact the speed at which you locate the content you desire. WankzVR strikes a balance in this area. The site layout is well-structured, although it lacks extensive filtering options. Users can sort videos by date or popularity (rating), or they can choose a performer and view associated scenes.

    Once you access a specific scene’s details, it is also possible to navigate using tags. A strong point for WankzVR is the broad support it provides for various devices and formats. Both streaming and downloading options are available. However, due to file size, it is advisable not to stream over a mobile data connection unless you have an unlimited data plan.

    In terms of video length, WankzVR tends to offer slightly longer scenes compared to other platforms, particularly those produced since late 2017. Whereas most platforms offer a maximum of around 30 minutes, WankzVR hosts scenes lasting up to an hour, especially if you opt for high-quality downloads. Impressively, as of this update, 167 VR scenes are compatible with teledildonics devices. Whether you’re using a Samsung Gear, Google Cardboard, PlayStation VR, Meta, or HTC Vive, the videos should function properly. This review was conducted using a Gear VR. Options between 60fps or 30fps are provided, with each video having icons indicating specific settings like 180-degree view, full head-tracking, binaural audio, etc. In addition to the typical VR porn scenes, WankzVR also includes a few female POV movies, where the viewer experiences the scene from a woman’s perspective. This bonus content is limited, but a nice addition.

    WankzVR Price Structure and Offers

    WankzVR’s pricing varies based on the subscription length. A two-day introductory trial is available for $1.99, while a monthly subscription is priced at $14.99. For an annual subscription paid in a lump sum, the cost per month averages to $8.33, totaling $99.66. WankzVR also offers bundle deals that include access to its sister site, MilfVR. Lifetime costs only $359.95 which is a great deal. For those who prioritize privacy, Bitcoin payment is an option. The range of payment and package options caters to various preferences.

    WankzVR Overall Experience and Rating

    WankzVR stands out as one of our favorite VR porn sites due to its extensive collection of scenes spanning across various categories. While it may not compete with the vast catalogs of sites like SexLikeReal, it offers a compelling one-site package with the added bonus of mobile access. What makes WankzVR particularly enticing is its compatibility with interactive sex toys like the Fleshlight Launch or Titan, with 167 interactive synced videos available.

    Unlike some other platforms where compatibility issues with VR players arise, WankzVR videos run smoothly and boast high-quality visuals regardless of the player used. Additionally, the option to stream the clips directly without downloading them onto your phone is a convenient feature that saves storage space.

    While the filtering options on WankzVR may not be as comprehensive as those found on sites like VirtualRealPorn or BadoinkVR, users can easily navigate by date or popularity. The site frequently uploads new content approximately twice a week, often featuring themed scenes like the one showcased during Easter.

    One of the site’s notable advantages is the opportunity to save money by opting for a VR Bundle subscription, which includes access to both WankzVR and MilfVR. This option is particularly convenient for those seeking multiple subscriptions without straining their budget. Regardless, the 2-day trial offers an affordable way to determine if WankzVR suits one’s preferences.

    Wankz VR Details

    Payment Methods
    Resolution, FOV & FPS
    2 day trial account for
    * Includes 1 VR download
    Production Value
    Payment Options & Deals
    4.3 Overall Rating

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