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Dezyred offers the first ever 8K VR Porn Game, an interactive VR Porn videogame. Choose what happens next in the video and experience VR Porn the way you want. Earn badges while you play. Curious about Dezyred? Keep on reading!

  • One of the most innovative VR Porn Sites
  • 8K resolution, nice!
  • 360 degrees of movement
  • You're in control
  • Needs extra 'Playa' app
  • No in-browser streaming
  • Pay per view, no subscriptions

So you’re looking for a VR Porn game and wondering if Dezyred is your best bet? In this Dezyred review we’ll talk you trough all the features, pricing, models and other stuff you should know about this VR Porn game. Sit tight and keep on reading!

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    About Dezyred

    Dezyred is the worlds first 8K VR Porn game that works on the major VR headsets you can buy. It’s a game in the sense that you get to choose what happens in the sex scene. This makes it a very cool VR Porn experience where you really feel immersed in the scenes you’re watching. The scenes feature 360 teleport movement and Dezyred also offers you badges and rewards for completed scenes (or games as they call it). Dezyred put a lot of effort in producing the scenes, because you get to choose between 4 to 6 different poses, actions or followups. This means they have models act in different ways and it really looks authentic and natural.

    Choosing next actions is a lot like modern video games like Mass Effect where your choices have impact on how the game progresses. Just like RPG games your choices in Dezyred really matter. Because Dezyred is filmed with amazing 360 8K camera’s you get to look around in the scenes and even enjoy looking at the ceiling or out of the window (if that’s your thing, of course..).

    Dezyred launched in 2021 and immediately secured a top spot in the hearts of VR Porn enjoyers. At launch some Reddit users reported quite some bugs but these have been ironed out. Now (2022) Dezyred is a VR Porn masterpiece that belongs in the VR Porn hall of fame if you ask us.

    The Dezyred VR Porn games

    Dezyred does not offer a huge amount of content. This is not a surprise since the amount of blood sweat and tears put into the scenes is huge. The 3 games currently available are a true work of VR Porn art. We’ll get into the scenes a bit more in this Dezyred review.

    Agent 69

    In Agent 69 you play one of those top secret agents, but in this movie there’s actually some hardcore action we all miss in the cinemas. This VR Sex game is the latest edition to the Dezyred catalogue, they really went all out on this production and that’s really showing!

    This VR Porn game consists of 3 different sex scenes, 3 different girls, a threesome, anal and over 6 hours of content. The choices you make decide who, what and how you have sex. Models featured in this game are Maddy May, Ana Foxxx and Katie Morgan, which make up for a beautiful interracial threesome for you to enjoy.

    Womanizer Chronicles

    This VR Porn game is focussed on making you some big shot womanizer in a real life setting. In this game you get to choose if you want to go to the gym, to work or to the bar. No matter what you choose, you choose what happens next and it always ends up in hot sex scenes. This game consists of 8 different sex scenes, 7(!) hot girls, 1 threesome, anal scenes and over 9 hours of quality 8K Porn content. This game has gorgeous Morgan Lee, Katy Jayne, Cecilia Lion, Angela White, Kyler Quinn and Chloe temple. Once again a really diverse and hot cast with a lot of different choices that get you into different hot situations.

    Double Trouble

    The third game you can play at Dezyred is called Double Trouble and the name really gives it all away if you ask us. This game has hot models Lacy Lennon and Whitney Wright, and you get to play the role of Lacy’s stepbrother. In this porn game you get to spend the weekend with two hot girls. Although this sounds a little too familiar, the stepbrother, stepsister and her best friend makes up for a really hot sex game. This game features 9 different sex scenes, 2 girls, a threesome and some anal action. If you play this game you get over 7 hours of content, which is more than enough if you ask us!

    Dezyred gets you a lot of replay value

    Dezyred really blew us away with the content available. The website is only live since 2021 but offers some really high quality VR Sex Games. Although there are currently only 3 different games to choose from, there’s over 20 hours worth of hot content for you to watch. We found that the replay value of the games is really high, since the choices you make really change the outcome of the games. Womanizer Chronicles for instance has 7 different models which you can fuck in different ways, threesomes, solo, whatever you like. This makes Dezyred a really good option if you want to get down virtual reality style.

    Production value and quality

    Veteran VR Porn enjoyers know the importance of quality in VR Porn. Because the resolution is split between your eyes, meaning 8K is 4K per eye, it’s crucial to get the highest possible resolution for maximum immersion. This is something Dezyred took to heart, since every VR Porn game is shot in GORGEOUS 8K resolution with beautiful lighting. It’s hard to say anything about shots since well… the camera is glued to ‘your’ head. But as far as production value goes this website is really amazing and amongst the best VR Porn productions we’ve seen.

    Choices are laid out in a cool way as well, and truly gives that RPG gaming vibe to the videos. Most of the choices appear in a wheel in the center of the screen, where you get to choose between the options. Some other scenes have boxes that show your options, more like a gallery. Both options work really great and don’t interrupt your experience.

    Dezyred Trailer

    Dezyred review continues below the trailer.


    How does Dezyred work?

    So Dezyred is a virtual reality porn game, but how do you play something like this?

    Payment methods and subscription models for Dezyred

    I’ts one hundred percent free to join Dezyred and start playing their VR Porn games. When you sign up you even get 777 free credits to spend in-game.

    On average it will cost you around $30 to complete an entire game, with content ranging from 7 to 12 hours per game this means you get a really good deal for $30. If you join for free and decide it’s not for you after spending the free credits there’s no man overboard. This is why we’re fan of a free way to join VR Porn sites, you get to try before you buy! We found that spending the free credits is pretty fast, especially if you skip the ‘boring’ scenes with talking and other stuf we’re not that interested in.


    Is Dezyred free?

    No Dezyred is not free but you’ll get 700 free credits when you sign up for free. This means you can try out Dezyred before you decide to buy more credits.

    How many games are on Dezyred?

    Currently there are 3 different games listed on Dezyred.

    Do you need to download an app to play Dezyred games?

    Yes, you will need to download the PLAY’A VR app, you can download it here.

    Which VR Headsets are supported at

    Dezyred works on the HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Quest (2), Microsoft MR and Oculus Rift S.

    Is Billing anonymous?

    Yes, Dezyred bills using a non-adult company name so nobody will know you subscribed to Dezyred.

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