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Dark Room VR

Awesome fetisj VR Porn site. 5 star production value and a lot of videos showing submissive girls, orgies and other hot stuff.
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  • Exclusive content
  • 4 new scenes per month
  • Unlimited streaming and downloads
  • Amazing production value
  • Website does not accept crypto payments
  • Max resolution of 7K, no support for 8K


While the name “Dark Room VR” may evoke a sense of foreboding, rest assured that the site operates with complete transparency and no malicious intent. It offers a platform for individuals to immerse themselves in virtual reality experiences that explore alternative and kink-related pleasures, including taboo and fetish elements. If you’ve ever been curious about delving into the depths of your desires and exploring a more unconventional side, this VR site provides a safe and inclusive space for you to do so.


The studio behind this site is powered by virtual taboo. The basis was low kink orientation but they have gone a step further focusing more on domination, rough sex and humiliation. And this is the start of Dark Room VR!

The scenes in Dark Room VR are characterized by a distinct and atmospheric setup. The lighting is carefully directed towards the characters, while the surrounding rooms remain obscured and objects hide in shadows.

This deliberate choice effectively establishes a captivating mood, setting it apart from the typical Valentine’s Day girlfriend-stripping scenarios or contrived plots found elsewhere.

Here, the focus is on exploring the realm of punishment intertwined with sexual pleasure. It offers a unique and unconventional experience where you can indulge in both inflicting emotional discomfort and providing sexual gratification.

User Experience

DarkroomVR.com stands out for its exceptional video production quality. Collaborating with professional filmmakers and utilizing top-of-the-line cameras and equipment, the site captures videos that exude a polished and immersive experience, particularly appealing to horror and VR enthusiasts. Moreover, the site’s user-friendly interface boasts easy navigation and a search function that simplifies finding specific content.

Users now have the flexibility to either stream or download the entire video collection. Opting for the download option is highly recommended, particularly if you own a powerful headset like a Rift or Vive, as it enables you to enjoy the scenes in breathtaking 7K resolution. However, fret not if you possess a device such as a Gear VR or a Go, as DarkroomVR.com offers compatible downloads for those platforms as well, ensuring compatibility with various devices.

Prepare to be fully immersed in the captivating videos, as they run seamlessly at 60fps, and the 7K videos even push the boundaries further, potentially reaching 90fps. This exceptional frame rate guarantees an incredibly smooth and visually stunning experience. Each video presents a 180-degree view, perfectly complemented by binaural sound that envelops you in a surround sound sensation, especially when paired with headphones. The precise and responsive head tracking ensures seamless alignment between your virtual perspective and your actual movements. In the rare event of a slightly tilted video, a simple click of the Reset View button in your device’s settings swiftly corrects the orientation, instantly restoring the intended experience.


Above you can see the pricing for this site. The yearly subscription gives you a whopping 70% discount. With all the content they have available. Compared to other sites the price is a bit on the higher end. But you get 1 new scene every week and there are over 150 scenes already available for you to enjoy.


It’s a great resource for exploring your kinkier side through VR pornography. While the selection may currently be on the smaller side, new content is added every week, ensuring there’s always something fresh to enjoy. Plus, at just $20 a month, the value cannot be beat. Trust me, if you have any interest in kinky VR experiences, signing up for DarkRoomVR is well worth your while.

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